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With age or unexpected incidents, it is possible to lose all teeth. Dentures are for the most part furnished to help with chewing food and maintaining speech. In the long run, dentures lose their stability, making routine activities troublesome. Dentures supported by implants work better than regular implants.

Implants are set on the bone and permitted to mend for three months. In the healing period, the bone around the implant develops and gets combined with the implant and gives it confided in steadiness.

  • The dental implant fuses with the bone, and gives a characteristic appearance
  • Dentures upheld by implants give a better speech, abstaining from slurring caused by feebly fitted regular dentures
  • Dentures upheld by implants make chewing easy, in contrast with sliding dentures.
  • Implants do not require grinding down or reduction of other teeth and hence serves as a viable and conservative approach to replace a missing tooth
  • The achievement rate of implants is 98%
  • Implants reduce the bother of removable dentures.